NLT Digital Mining Software

NLT’s Digital Mine Software

NLT’s Digital Mine Software is a web-based package that provides controlled access to real time critical data. The user interface while being simple to use and intuitive provides in-depth information that ensures tunnelling operations are conducted safely and efficiently. The data is overlaid on your actual tunnel plans so a user can quickly assess the situation and understand any implications implied by the data. Reporting is comprehensive and easily navigated as well as providing the support for customised templates to be created.

Digital Mine Software also integrates with third party hardware and software to provide increased functionality. Equipment status and system health are easily viewed, while personnel information can be interfaced with other systems, including card access. Any vehicle or tag movement patterns can be monitored, ensuring both the safety and efficiency of your equipment operators.

Some of the innovative features, include:

  • Multi-level Map Interface, overhauled with an easy to use Google Maps style overview to track or locate anything, including environmental monitoring points
  • Zone Management – quickly establish zones that cover specific sections of the tunnel(s) to enhance the capabilities of Tracking or Alarm functions
  • Monitor and control equipment based on real time condition monitoring such as fans or pumps
  • Emergency alarm and response management

Digital Mine will increase efficiencies and productivity of your workforce while also significantly enhancing the overall safety systems.

Personnel Asset Tracking

NLT offers both Wi-Fi and RFID real-time tracking tailored to meet company and legislative requirements. Reverse RFID tracking provides consistent and precise proximity information. Location information is managed through the NLT Mining Networks software according to zone, time or asset.

  • Improve safety by monitoring personnel and equipment location
  • Enhance emergency response with real-time tracking
  • Increase operational efficiency by reallocating resources
  • Use with our new tag-ready, cordless Genesis

Environmental Monitoring

NLT offers solutions for environmental monitoring through the N-Connex industrial network platform and NLT Digital Mine Software. Sensors on the N-Connex network measure environmental parameters such as gas concentrations, temperature, humidity, and airflow. Levels are monitored according to zones and triggers alarms when specified thresholds are exceeded.

  • Enables early warning of hazardous conditions
  • Reduces need for manual surveys
  • Improves flow balancing with bidirectional airflow management
  • Interfaces to existing PLCs and data networks
  • Reduces false alarms with unique threshold feature